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Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering

Holmberg labNanoscience and Molecular Engineering (NME) Option Program

The NME Option Program offers a discipline-tailored Option in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering to a variety of majors in departments of the College of Engineering (CoE) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CA&S). It introduces students to nanoscale principles in molecular engineering, provides hands-on experience and stresses the interdisciplinary of this field.

Already in the sophomore year, NME students are introduced to the underlying physical concepts of nanoscale science and their implications to engineering. In seminars throughout the program, they achieve an awareness of the nanoscience and molecular engineering research conducted at the UW, and how these efforts are addressing societal challenges and needs. Through hands-on experiences in laboratory courses, independent research, and/or capstone design projects, NME students get the opportunity to test, apply and expand upon their knowledge in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering.

The following information is for CHEM E Majors only. Non-CHEM E students, please contact your advising office for more information.

NME Option for CHEM E Majors

Admission: Invitations to the CHEM E NME Option are made to qualified students upon completion of NME 220, which should be taken during the sophomore year by students considering the NME option. Invitations are based upon grades including NME 220 and CHEM E courses taken up to this point.
Petitions: Students who do not receive an invitation before the start of the junior year but who wish to be considered for the NME option may submit a petition for review by emailing . We highly recommend students meet with a ChemE Academic advisor to discuss prior to submitting a petition for assistance with putting together the strongest possible submission. 
Program Requirements for the NME option (19 credits)
  1. Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Fundamentals (7 credits): NME 220; CHEM E 455 or CHEM E 460
  2. Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Elective Courses (12 credits): See adviser for list of approved courses. Only one, 1-credit seminar allowed toward engineering electives; maximum 9 credits undergraduate research (CHEM E 299, CHEM E 499, of which no more than 3 credits may be CHEM E 299) may count toward engineering electives;
  3. Minimum 2 credits of research or other departmental approved alternative.

NME Approved Electives

NME electives are listed on our main electives page and marked with a (*). Students may submit additional courses for consideration by emailing the course number and description to Courses submitted for consideration should have a significant emphasis on molecular or nano-science/engineering and have a level of rigor appropriate for junior or senior level students. (i.e., be at least identified as a 300 level course)

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