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Research Areas

Advanced materials & interfacial engineering »

carbon fiber

Leveraging our excellence in nanoscale and molecular engineering and science, UW ChemE labs produce a huge range of new materials – from biocompatible and antifouling coatings to plasmonic nanoparticles to complex self-assembling structures — for applications in medicine, energy, and beyond. Our labs are renowned for their expertise in biomaterials, interfaces, and surface chemistry, and are pioneering methods in directed assembly, defect engineering, and surface characterization.

Faculty involved:

François BaneyxDavid BeckJohn BergDavid BergsmanCole DeForestHugh HillhouseVincent HolmbergSam JenekheJun LiuElizabeth NanceRené OverneyJim PfaendtnerJonathan PosnerLilo PozzoBuddy RatnerDan Schwartz

Data science & molecular simulation »

helical peptide on quartz

Ever-expanding streams of data from high-throughput experiments, industrial sensors, advanced instrumentation, and simulation are fundamentally changing chemical engineering. Our faculty are at the forefront of this data science transformation. They’re using machine learning, computational molecular science, and high-performance computing to improve semiconductors and solar cells, characterize materials, and discover novel renewable chemicals, among other cutting-edge projects.

Faculty involved:

Neda BagheriDavid BeckJames CarothersHugh HillhouseJorge MarchandShachi MittalElizabeth NanceJim PfaendtnerJonathan PosnerLilo PozzoDan Schwartz

Health & biotechnology »

brain slice

The skills of chemical engineers are uniquely suited to developing next-generation solutions to persistent health challenges. UW ChemE boasts strong cross-disciplinary work with medical researchers in the design of smarter therapeutics, targeted drug delivery systems, and better diagnostics. Our faculty also conduct research in systems and synthetic biology, as well as metabolic, biomolecular, and protein engineering.

Faculty involved:

Neda BagheriFrançois BaneyxDavid BeckJames CarothersCole DeForest •  Jorge MarchandShachi MittalElizabeth NanceJim PfaendtnerJonathan PosnerLilo PozzoBuddy RatnerEric Stuve

Energy systems »


ChemE researchers are developing the materials, devices, and systems necessary for meeting pressing energy challenges like climate change and rapidly increasing demand. As such, our work is vital in the transition to a decarbonized economy. Our faculty have a long track record of excellence in electrochemical systems, and are driving innovation in photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, and electronic polymers.

Faculty involved:

Stu AdlerDavid BeckDavid BergsmanGuozhong CaoHugh HillhouseVincent HolmbergSam JenekheJun LiuJim PfaendtnerJonathan PosnerLilo PozzoDan SchwartzEric Stuve