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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

chemical engineering students

We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are critical to our mission of engineering solutions for a better world. 

UW ChemE is committed to implementing evidence-based changes that make an engineering education accessible to all. While in our department, all faculty, staff, and students are provided with tools and training to grow in their cultural competency; this we believe is critical to our mission of engineering solutions for a better world. Further, we strive to lead the conversation and influence other departments and institutions to take effective, proactive measures.

Department actions & expectations

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Our Community is a Shared Responsibility

While we have a DEI committee that helps promote our ideals, our DEI committee is not the sole responsible party for these activities. Rather, the committee serves as a resource for everyone in the department; setting the strategic direction, setting/maintaining accountability, and providing support, input, and feedback to ensure everyone is able to grow, learn, and contribute to constant improvement of our environment. It is the responsibility of all members of our community to actively drive the sometimes difficult conversations needed to dismantle systems of oppression.

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