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Other Pathways to ChemE


High School Students

Freshman applicants who meet UW admissions criteria and who list an engineering department (or Engineering-undecided) as their first choice major on their UW application are automatically considered for Direct to College admission. 

Engineering Undeclared Students

Request placement into chemical engineering at the end of your first year. Students who are ready to start ChemE core coursework during their first year should contact an advisor to discuss their options. 

We are so glad you're considering applying to chemical engineering! This page goes over the details of application requirements, steps, and policies. If you're interested in learning more about chemical engineering, please use the links on the right hand side.

We pride ourselves on our community and student-centered department where students have opportunities to participate in undergraduate research, study abroad, design capstones and internships. Students will progress through the program as a cohort, building community and support among their classmates. 

UW Students outside the College of Engineering

Many ChemE students discover an interest in ChemE after arriving at UW and we'd love to have you join our program. 

Application Steps

  1. Review ChemE Application Requirements, Statistics and Policies
  2. Review sample plans of study.
  3. Make a tentative plan of study for courses before ChemE 310 on myPlan that accounts for the spring quarter start of the program. 
  4. Meet with UW ChemE Academic Advising to adjust plan.
  5. Begin working on your personal statement for your application. 
  6. Apply for Chemical Engineering Upper Division admission by January 15 of the year you plan to start ChemE 310.

Transfer & Postbaccalaureate Student Admission

Transfer students make up a significant and valued part of our program each year. We're aware the transfer process can be complicated. In an attempt to make transfer advising more simple, we've made a checklist. We recognize everyone has different circumstances that impact their academic plans and we love to meet with students very early on in their coursework preparing for a transfer to chemical engineering. Please use the links in the sidebar to set up time with one of our advisers. 

Please note that the UW ChemE program starts in spring quarter, so students should be planning to transfer to UW and take CHEM E 310 and 375 for spring quarter.

Postbaccalaureate students are students who have completed a prior bachelor's level degree and wish to return to school for a B.S. ChemE. The admissions requirements and process are essentially identical, though it is very important to explain why you need a ChemE degree in addition to the one you already have. 


 Complete your college's math placement course and begin math courses as soon as possible.

 Review ChemE Application Requirements, Statistics and Policies

 Review sample plans of study.

 Use the UW Transfer Equivalency Guide to identify the courses you need to take at your community college. 

 Join your college's MESA program, if it's offered, for assistance with preparing for transfer. 

 Meet with your college academic adviser to make a potential academic plan. 

 Meet with UW ChemE Academic Advisors

 Begin working on your ChemE personal statement



 Apply to University of Washington




  Apply for Chemical Engineering Upper Division admission 

  Apply for financial aid: Submit your FAFSA or WAFSA to UW

  Apply for the UW Materials Intensive S-STEM Scholarship 



  Decisions communicated mid-February

  Begin looking for housing. UW ChemE classes require in-person participation, so you'll need to be able to commute or move to Seattle.

  Students with disabilities should get in contact with UW Disabled Resources for Students to begin the process of getting accommodations in place at UW. 

  Attend Virtual Advising & Orientation

 Classes begin late March at UW Seattle

Reverse Transfer - Finish your Associate's degree at UW

Since the ChemE major starts with CHEM E 310 in spring quarter of the second year, many transfer students do not complete their transfer degrees prior to transferring. It is more important to complete prerequisites and the continuation requirements than to complete a degree prior to transferring. The WA State Reverse Transfer Process makes it possible for students to receive that AS degree after transferring to UW. 

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