Grad Students

Ph.D. Degree Program

Lidstrom labThe University of Washington is the largest university in the northwestern United States and has been the top-ranking U.S. public university in terms of federal research funding for the past decade. For 2012-2013 the UW Department of Chemical Engineering has a graduate enrollment of 80 students, most pursuing research leading to the Ph.D, but we also have a growing MS population and welcome applicants to that degree track.

The Ph.D. degree, which generally requires four to five years to complete, involves course work but emphasizes research leading to the doctoral dissertation. For the Master's, which requires about two years, more emphasis is on course work. Most MS students are non-thesis (a thesis option is available, but cannot be guaranteed at the time of admission). Students interested in research are encouraged to apply directly to the Ph.D program.

Graduate students study and collaborate with members of the faculty in an atmosphere more informal and intellectually vigorous than is usually found in undergraduate work. The range of interests among the faculty members is broad, so students have access to a variety of fields while receiving individual attention and guidance.

Course work normally includes basic subjects of importance to all chemical engineers, such as thermodynamics, transport phenomena, reaction engineering, and applied mathematics. Students are encouraged, however, to take additional courses to develop breadth and to gain experience in areas relevant to their research.

We are fortunate to have outstanding facilities. The chemical engineering building, Benson Hall, contains classrooms, offices, stockrooms, well-staffed machine and electronics shops, and laboratories. Computer facilities are excellent, ranging from an array of PCs to workstation, mainframe, and supercomputer access.

Chemical Engineering Research at the University of Washington

The chemical engineering department at the University of Washington has strong research programs in many critical areas of chemical engineering. With such a variety of research projects to choose from, it's no wonder that graduate school can be such a rewarding experience. Graduate students work closely with their research advisors, fellow students, and post-doctoral scientists to examine one of these topics in depth and breadth. More information can be found here

Advanced Data Science Option

The Chemical Engineering Department also offers PhD students an option to specialize in Advanced Data Science. Please see the details here.