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Graduate Students

Ph.D. Degree Program

Join a community of innovators

The people of UW ChemE engineer the molecules, materials, and devices that enable us to better treat disease, produce clean energy, and live more sustainably.

students working together

When you pursue a Ph.D. in ChemE at UW, you become part of a close-knit community of talented students and faculty. Our culture of collaboration allows students to develop the research and writing skills they’ll need for a rewarding career, and always keeps their best interests in mind. Our support structure ensures students make steady progress and hit their milestones. We shoot for 5 years to a degree, though there is no single pathway to a Ph.D.

Graduate coursework typically includes subjects of importance to all chemical engineers, such as thermodynamics, transport phenomena, reaction engineering, and applied mathematics. Students are encouraged to take additional courses to gain experience in areas relevant to their research.

We put students first by providing each individual with:

  • A faculty committee invested in your success
  • The department graduate program team to support your progress
  • Generous financial support throughout your studies

Explore ChemE’s research strengths and UW’s unique opportunities


    Specialize in data science

    We offer Ph.D. students an Advanced Data Science degree option. Please see the details here.

    Ph.D. Student Handbook

    The handbook lays out the milestones and requirements for earning a doctoral degree in ChemE. Download the pdf >>