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Plan of Study

The Undergraduate Four-Year Plan of Study is a resource undergraduates can use to help select the appropriate courses, and is listed with the course number, credit count, and the quarter the course is offered. This is a sample that shows how students might plan courses to ensure meeting all admissions and graduation requirements on time. 

Courses listed in bold are required for admission to the program. The required CHEM E courses are offered only in the quarters listed. If you have any questions about your plans, please contact a departmental advisor. For course names, please see our curriculum page. Transfer students from Washington State Community colleges can use the Equivalency Guide to determine equivalency. 

Year One

Autumn Qtr Winter Qtr1 Spring Qtr
MATH 124 (5)* MATH 125 (5)* MATH 126 (5)*
CHEM 142 (5)* with lab CHEM 152 (5)* with lab CHEM 162 (5)* with lab
ENGL 131 (5) Other credits (5)** PHYS 121 (5)* with lab

Year Two

Autumn Qtr  Winter Qtr2  Spring Qtr
MATH 207 (3) MATH 208 (3) CHEM E 310 (4)
CHEM 237 (4)* CHEM 238 (4)* CHEM E 375 (3)
PHYS 122 (5)* with lab PHYS 123 (5)* with lab ENGR 231 (3) or ENGL 288 (5)
Other credits (3-5)** AMATH 301 (4) Other credits (4-5)**

Year Three 

Autumn Qtr
Winter Qtr
Spring Qtr
CHEM E 325 (4) CHEM E 326 (4)
Option: CHEM E 436 (3) or CHEM E 455 (3) or
CHEM E 460 (3)***
CHEM E 330 (5) CHEM E 340 (4) CHEM E 457 (3)

CHEM 455 (3) OR 
CHEM E 456

MATH 209 (3)
Other credits (1-4)**

Other credits (2-3)** -
CHEM E 301 (1) very common

Other credits (1-4)**
Option: Engineering

Year Four

Autumn Qtr (cr) Winter Qtr (cr) Spring Qtr (cr)
CHEM E 435 (4) CHEM E 437 (3) CHEM E 486 (5) OR CHEM E 497 (4)****
CHEM E 465 (4) CHEM E 480 (4)
Option: CHEM E 455 (3) or
CHEM E 460 (3)***
CHEM E 436 or CHEM E 455 (3)*** CHEM E 485 (4) Other credits **
Other credits (3-5)** Other credits (min 1 cr)** OR CHEM E 497 (3)****  


*The Honors sections of these courses can be substituted. Additionally, students can take the accelerated CHEM series (CHEM 143 and 153) in lieu of the full general chemistry series and the accelerated organic chemistry series (CHEM 223 and 224) in lieu of CHEM 237 and 238. 

**Other credits may be engineering electives (16 credits are required); VLPA (humanities) and I&S (social sciences) (24 credits required, at least 10 in each category); or other courses. For a list of all courses and credits required for the degree, see the Department of Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements.

***Students may use CHEM E 455 or CHEM E 460 to satisfy the the Molecular and Nano Engineering requirement. CHEM E 460 is offered spring quarters only and CHEM E 455 is offered autumn and spring quarter.  

****Students participating in a special design or capstone can replace CHEM E 486 with the credits from that option. 

Students interested in medical school or another health professional school may find valuable information, including a tailored plan of study, on our Pre-Health Planning page