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About Us

DEI Committee

The UW ChemE Diversity Committee was formed in 2016 and has involvement from faculty, staff, and students. The DEI committee serves as a resource for everyone in the department; it sets the strategic direction, establishes and maintains accountability, and provides support, input, and feedback to ensure everyone is able to grow, learn, and contribute to constant improvement of our environment.

DEI & Accessibility Feedback

Please use this anonymous form to report any accessibility concerns or bias related incidents to the ChemE DEI Committee

The 2016 - 2018 committee focused on the following charges:

  • To develop and collect best practices for enhancing all levels of departmental diversity, be it undergraduate or graduate, faculty or staff, or related to our recruiting and hiring practices.
  • To focus on producing a roadmap to successfully build diversity and cultivate inclusion in Chemical Engineering

The 2019-2021 committee expanded their role to also include: 

  • Community building and events, including town halls to address relevant current events and gain feedback about our steps to increase inclusion in the community. 

The following faculty, staff, postdocs and students currently serve on the DEI Committee. Building on the work of committees that came before us, we're working hard to serve as a catalyst for change within the department while supporting the entire community in working together to make lasting, meaningful change. 

Committee Chairs

david bergsman

David Bergsman, Assistant Professor

Nicole Minkoff

Nicole Minkoff, Undergraduate Adviser




cole deforest

Cole DeForest

elizabeth nance

Elizabeth Nance

Stu Adler

Stu Adler

Alex Prybutok

Alex Prybutok


debbie carnes

Debbie Carnes, Administrator

ro stastny

Ro Stastny, Communications Manager


Trainee Members

Not Pictured


Braden Carroll, Graduate Student

Naomi Kern, Undergraduate Student

shayna hilburg

Shayna Hilburg, Postdoctoral Fellow

kristin bennett

Kristin Bennett, Undergraduate Student