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Feedback & Reporting

We depend on your feedback to continue moving our departmental efforts forward. Please use the options below to share all kinds of feedback.  



    Send Feedback
    If you have an idea that you'd like the department to consider, please let us know. No idea is too big or too small to share! 


    Send Feedback
    Is there something that impressed you or that is really improving your experience in UW ChemE? Please let us know! 
    Although we hope all members of our community will have a positive experience in our department, we also want to highlight the many ways that you can report an issue so we can take action to address any racist or otherwise problematic behavior. To get the most resources in responding to your concern, please use the College of Engineering Bias Reporting Tool. 

    Barriers to Access

    Report a Barrier to Access
    If you observe barriers to access in the physical environment, use the link above to report the issue to both facilities and a disability service office at the same time. 

Need Help?



SafeCampus is the University of Washington’s violence-prevention and response program. It supports students, staff, faculty and community members in preventing violence.


Available 24 hours / 7 days a week. In urgent situations, call 911.

Livewell Confidential Advocates

If you need help deciding whether to report an incident, getting support, or deciding who you would like to report your incident to, the LiveWell Confidential advocates serve the whole UW Seattle Community and offer confidential assistance in navigating issues of harassment, bias, and sexual violence.


DEI Committee Ideas, Compliments & Concerns  Form

Send Feedback

Share ideas and compliments related to ChemE accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This form is anonymous with an option to share contact information for follow up. 

College of Engineering Office of Inclusive Excellence Reporting Tool

Bias Reporting

Whether you are a student or employee, we encourage you to report these incidents using the College’s Incident Reporting tool. This tool not only provides the option for you to receive tailored support from trained advocates, but it allows the College to better understand where targeted interventions are needed to improve our community as a whole. Reports are handled by a small group of trained individuals within the Dean’s Office at the College of Engineering who will work towards a resolution. Although we are required to request your name as part of the reporting process, we are committed to protecting your identity and you can choose to remain anonymous after the initial report filing. At the University of Washington, students and employees are protected from discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Contact a member of the DEI Committee

Meet the Committee

The faculty and staff members of the DEI committee have all had training in how to respond and elevate concerns around bias, harassment, and safety.

Virtual Suggestion Box

Send Feedback

Do you have comments, concerns, feedback, or suggestions for the ChemE department? Click the button below to send them to the ChemE department chair (UW NetID required). Comments will remain anonymous unless you'd like a direct response. In that case, please fill in your email address on the form. To remain anonymous, do not include your email.  

Chair's Advisory Council

Contact the CAC

Please contact your representatives at any time if you would like to share your concerns, or want them to learn more about a particular topic at an upcoming meeting. The Chair’s Advisory Council (CAC) is a small group of undergraduate, graduate student, and postdoc representatives that meet monthly with the department chair. (UW NetID Required)

UW Bias Reporting Tool

Send Feedback

If you encounter or suspect incidents of bias, you are encouraged to file a report, which will be reviewed by the UW’s Bias Incident Advisory Committee. Whenever possible, bias reports will be reviewed within two to four business days. 

College of Engineering Advocates

Request a COE Advocate

If you wish to speak with a staff member of the College of Engineering who can serve as an advocate or resource to support you, please complete the following College of Engineering Bias Concern Form.

Union Representatives

If you are represented by a collective bargaining agreement, you likely have a union representative who can both take reports and serve as a resource for any concerns you are experiencing. Reach out to your union for more information. 

The University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO) investigates complaints that a University employee has violated the University’s non-discrimination and/or non-retaliation policies. 

Title IX Reporting

Learn more and report

Title IX and other federal and state laws collectively prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, pregnancy or parenting status, and LGBTQ+ identity. Reporting sex- and gender-based violence, harassment, or discrimination to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator is an important step in preventing and addressing prohibited conduct.