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Raman Microscope

raman microscope


Thermo Scientific DXR2

A high performance confocal Raman microscope used for quickly identifying and analyzing microparticles

Features of the Thermo Scientific DXR2

  • Two laser sources (523 and 738 nm) to enable flexibility in analysis
  • Motorized stage
  • xy mapping and z-profiling of samples for in depth chemical analysis of solids, films, powders, and liquids
  • Lateral resolution: approximately 1 μm
  • Confocal optics enable depth profiling into the sample with 2 μm resolution
  • Equipped with brightfield and darkfield illumination optics to quickly find areas of interest on the sample


Bindra Innovation Laboratory, Benson 121

Required acknowledgement

This work was conducted using equipment in the Biochemical Diagnostics Foundry for Translational Research supported by the M.J Murdock Charitable Trust