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High Performance Liquid Chromatography



Shimadzu LC20-AD HPLC

with a 4-channel solvent pump, and refractive index and UV-Vis detectors 

Features of the Shimadzu LC20-AD

The system can separate complex solutions by incorporating solvent gradients and/or temperature gradients. The HPLC consists of a Shimadzu 4-channel solvent pump (LC-20AD) unit equipped with:

  • solvent degasser (DGU-20A)
  • autosampler (SIL-20A HT)
  • column oven (C10-20A)
  • refractive index detector (RID-10A)
  • UV-Vis detector (SPD-20A)
  • fraction collector (FRC-10A), allowing for specific cuts of the sample to be collected for further analysis


Bindra Innovation Laboratory, Benson 121