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Plate Reader

plate reader


Biotek Synergy H1

A plate reader capable of measuring UV-Vis, fluorescence, and photoluminescense on microplates

Features of the Biotek Synergy H1

  • Hybrid multi-mode microplate reader with multiple detection modes including UV-vis, fluorescence, and photoluminescense
  • Compatible with 128 mm x 86 mm 6- to 384-well microplates
  • Absorbance between 230 and 999 nm with an accuracy of ±2 nm and a precision of 0.2 nm
  • Monochromator-based fluorescence has an excitation range of 250 – 700 nm or 250 – 900 nm, depending on operational mode
  • Capable of incubating up to 45°C


Bindra Innovation Laboratory, Benson 121

Required acknowledgement

Part of this work was conducted with instrumentation provided by the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM)