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Affiliate Faculty

Experts in practice, affiliate faculty work with core faculty in support of our research and teaching missions. Collaborations with practicing engineers augment the industrial impact of our research and enhance the overall student experience.

Name & Title Organization Position
Saad Alkafeef
Affiliate Associate Professor
College of Technological Studies, Shawaikh, Kuwait Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering
Líney Árnadóttir
Affiliate Associate Professor
Oregon State University Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Jason Carstens
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Pluristyx, Inc. Co-Founder & COO
Chun-Long Chen
Affiliate Associate Professor; UW-PNNL Faculty Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Senior Research Scientist
Kenneth Grabstein
Affiliate Professor
  Biotechnology Consultant
Brian S. Hayes
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Applied Poleramic, Inc. President & CEO
Yi He
Affiliate Associate Professor
Zhejiang University
School of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Associate Professor
Jiri Homola
Affiliate Professor
Institute of Photonics and Electronics
Czech Academy of Sciences
Bud Homsy
Affiliate Professor
University of British Columbia Professor Emeritus
Shaoyi Jiang
Affiliate Professor
Cornell University Robert S. Langer ’70 Family and Friends Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Melvin V. Koch
Affiliate Professor
University of Washington Director, Center for Process Analysis & Control
Thomas Madden
Affiliate Professor
BenAn Energy Chief Technical Officer
Dustin McLarty
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Washington State University Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Chris Mundy
Affiliate Professor; UW-PNNL Faculty Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Chief Scientist
Jeff Nelson
Affiliate Assistant Professor
MicroConnex Process Engineering Manager
Robert Rallo
Affiliate Professor
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Advanced Computing, Mathematics, and Data Division Data Sciences Group Lead
Christopher Ramsborg
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Bristol Myers Squibb Vice President, Cell Therapy Process Science & Technology
Benjamin Rutz
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Toray Composites Senior Research Scientist
Janani Sampath
Affiliate Instructor
University of Florida Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Venkat Subramanian
Affiliate Professor
University of Texas at Austin
Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor and Ernest Dashiell Cockrell II Chair in Engineering
Jorge M. Sunkel
Affiliate Assistant Professor
The Procter and Gamble Company, Beauty Care Technology Division Senior Scientist/Engineer
Bonnie J. Tyler
Affiliate Associate Professor
University of Münster, Physikalisches Institut Professor of Chemical Engineering
Walt Van Schalkwijk
Affiliate Professor
Battery Sciences, Inc. / Microsoft Consultant / Principal Battery Scientist
Tobias Weidner
Affiliate Associate Professor
Aarhus University Associate Professor of Chemistry
John Whitaker
Affiliate Assistant Professor
MicroConnex Senior Process Integration Engineer
Xuewei Xu
Affiliate Assistant Professor
NatureCoat LLC Senior Scientist, Principal Investigator
Qiuming Yu
Affiliate Professor
Cornell University Professor, Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering