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Adjunct Faculty

Chemical engineering faculty engage in interdisciplinary partnerships with departments and faculty members across the UW campus. Our joint and adjunct faculty members have continuous and committed collaborations with ChemE, strengthening our efforts in teaching and research.

david baker

David Baker

Professor of Biochemistry; Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering and Genome Sciences

Design of protein structures; protein folding mechanisms; protein-protein interactions; protein-nucleotide interactions and protein-ligand interaction

Baker Laboratory |

james bryers

James D. Bryers

Professor of Bioengineering

Biomaterials and tissue bioengineering; molecular bioengineering

James D. Bryers |

valerie daggett

Valerie Daggett

Professor of Bioengineering

Protein folding & dynamics; dynameomics/bioinformatics; extremophile proteins; protein modulators; protein design; unfolding diseases; protein complexes; single nucleotide polymorphisms

Daggett Research Group |

richard gustafson

Richard R. Gustafson

Denman Professor of Forest Resources

Biofuels and bio-based products; process simulation; process control; instrument development

Faculty Profile |

Neil King

Neil King

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Designing protein-based nanomaterials for medical applications

Faculty Profile |

Shuyi Ma

Shuyi Ma

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Integrating computational and experimental systems biology approaches for biomedical applications

Ma Lab  |

peter pauzauskie

Peter Pauzauskie

Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

Molecular engineering; nanoscale optoelectonic materials; cavity optomechanics; subwavelength molecular biosensors; nanomedicine

Pauzauskie Research Group |

suzie pun

Suzie Pun

Robert F. Rushmer Professor of Bioengineering

Non-viral gene delivery; delivery of drugs and molecular contrast agents; intracellular trafficking

Pun Laboratory |

jessica ray

Jessica Ray

Robert O. and Irene V. Sylvester Family Endowed Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Water treatment; interfacial reactions; surface chemistry; polymer chemistry; materials design; nanochemistry and nanotechnology

Aquatic Innovations in Materials Science Lab |

Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert

Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert

Professor of Bioengineering, Professor and Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Education, UW School of Medicine

Tissue and cellular engineering, regenerative medicine, drug delivery, and stem cell biology with applications to therapies for spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury

jesse zalatan

Jesse Zalatan

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Molecular mechanisms of crosstalk and coordination; programmable RNA scaffolds for metabolic engineering; spatially-organized cell signaling

Zalatan Lab |