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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Athena Kao Hugh Hillhouse The Development of Metal with Valence Number Three Doped-Mesoporous Ti/Ti4O7 Planer Electrode for Pharmaceutical Degradation
Yao-Yu Li Vincent Holmberg Compositional Engineering and Electrochemical Analysis of Supercritical Fluid-Liquid-Solid (SFLS)Synthesized Si1-xGex Nanowires
Luke Orr Cole DeForest Image Stack-guided Microvasculature Generation in Photodegradable Hydrogels


Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Yifeng Cai   Dynamic Control of Nanoparticle Assembly Using Solid-Binding Proteins
You-Hsin Chen René Overney MD Simulations of Sequence Tuned Peptides Supramolecular Structures on Graphene Interface
Saransh Jain René Overney and Mehmet Sarikaya Predictive modelling of directed evolution for de-novo design of solid binding peptides
Nisarg Joshi Jim Pfaendtner Improving the accuracy and efficiency of machine learning derived interatomic potentials
Huan-Jui Lee René Overney Machine Learning-Based Determination of Protein Secondary Structures
Harrison Sarsito John Berg Suppression of Asphaltene Adsorption and Deposition in Porous Media
Kayden Tsai Hugh Hillhouse Light-induced Suppression on Forming Secondary Phases in FA-rich Perovskite
Jinge Xu Cole DeForest Data-driven Method to Investigate the Key Factor in Ru-complexes Photo-reactivity
Nuo Xu   Nanoparticle loaded implantable flexible microelectrode arrays for pain management after spinal cord surgery
Renyu Zheng Chun-Long Chen Designing sequence-defined biomimetic peptoids for self-assembly
July Zhou   IfThresholds Software Package: score ranking standard threshold methods by comparing images produced by thresholding with manually labeled images

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Yaqoub Albrikan Qiuming Yu Exploring Non-Stoichiometric Nickel Oxide (NiOx) as a Hole Transport Layer for Cesium Tin Triiodide (CsSnI3) Perovskite Solar Cells
Julia Boese François Baneyx Exploiting the Interactions of Solid Binding Proteins with Silica to form Colloidal Assemblies
Shrikakshmi Bonageri Lilo D. Pozzo Data Classification in High Throughput Screening
Guoyao Chen Buddy D. Ratner A High-resolution 3D Printable Porous Biomaterial
Jeffrey Chin Hugh Hillhouse Double Cation Substitution of CZTSSe Constituents to Reduce Detrimental Defects Clusters and Improve Device Performance
Ge Gu Vince Holmberg Supercritical Fluid-Liquid-Solid Growth of Alloyed Si1-xGex nanowires.
Shripathi Ramakrishnan Samson A. Jenekhe Wide Bandgap Donor Copolymers Containing Selenophene Moieties Enable Highly Efficient All-Polymer Solar Cells based on Naphthalene Diimide Biselenophene
David Shackelford Elizabeth Nance Comparing Machine Learning Classification Methods for Biological Tracking Data
Neel Arvind Shah James Carothers Development of RNA Aptamers through Supervised Learning and Capture-SELEX strategy
Kun-Lin Wu Cole DeForest Pharmacological Regulation of Protein-Polymer Hydrogel Stiffness
Zizhao Xu Qiuming Yu Synthesis of CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots for Photodetectors

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Hao Dong Qiuming Yu Tuning Work Function and Conductivity of Methylhydroxyl Functionalized PEDOT-MeOH:PSS as a Hole Transport Material for Perovskite Solar Cells
Baochen Li Stuart Adler, Daniel Schwartz & Venkat Subramanian Develop a supercapacitor Real Time Model for PHIL simulation
Joel MacArthur Shaoyi Jiang Development of a High-Strength Zwitterionic Hydrogel to Combat Biofouling in Marine and Medical Applications
Liquan Niu Shaoyi Jiang A Study of Zwitterionic Polypeptide-Protein Conjugates
Zhiyin Niu Qiuming Yu Development of Chloromethyl Functionalized Poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Derivative (PEDOT-MeCl:PSS) Hole Transport Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells
Rossana Scavone Cole DeForest Stiffness modulation in hydrogels using the LOV2-Jalpha system
Maitri Uppaluri Stuart Adler, Daniel Schwartz & Venkat Subramanian Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) Simulation of Battery Packs
Yuening Wang David Beck A generalized framework for machine re-learning of complex process and kinetic models
Chenggang Xi James Carothers Multi-Ribozyme-gRNA-Aptazyme (RGA) networks for biosensing and gene regulation
Lena Xiao François Baneyx & David Beck Machine Learning of Amino Acid Composition Models for Protein Redesign
Yundi Zhao François Baneyx Stimuli-responsive assembly of nanoparticles with solid binding proteins

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Rahul Avadhoot David A.C. Beck PyMolSAR: A Python-based toolkit to predict the activity and property of small molecules
Trevor Corrigan Shaoyi Zhang Hunt for a Genetically Engineered, Rationally Designed, Stealth Peptide to Prevent Non-Specific Protein Interactions
Sonja Glaser Dunakey François Baneyx Selective labeling of single-walled carbon nanotubes using solid binding proteins
Mengdi Fan Venkat Subramanian Review of Capacity Fade Models for Lithium-ion Batteries - Effects of Mechanisms on Numerical Implementation
Jiayuan Guo David A.C. Beck Developing a visualization tool for unsupervised machine learning techniques on *omics data
HyunJong Lee Samson A. Jenekhe Studies and Optimization of All-Polymer Solar Cells Based on Napthalene Diimide-Biselenophene Copolymer Acceptors
Yi-Yu Lin Qiuming Yu Solvent Effect on Morphologic, Crystalline and Electronic Properties of Triple-Cation Lead-Tin Double-Halide Perovskite Thin Films and Their Air Stability
Jinrong Ma Shaoyi Zhang Development of novel zwitterionic materials and their application
Tai-Yu Pan Jim Pfaendtner Accelerating Peptoid-Survade Simulations: Peptoid Binding on Au(111) and Au(100)
Sabiha Rustam Vincent Holmberg Exploring Copper as a Catalyst for Supercritical Fluid-Based Silicon Nanowire Growth
Khushmeen Sakloth Jim Pfaendtner Simultaneous Prediction of Density, Viscosity and Heat Calacity of Ionic Liquids- A Deep Learning Approach
Canfeng Wei Lilo D. Pozzo Making Ceramic Membranes Used in Redox Flow Batteries with Sol-gel Process
Kejia Wu Jim Pfaendter Exploring Serine-lysine Peptide Aggregation in Water and Interaction with Inorganic Surfaces Using Molecular Dynamics
Shijie Zhang Buddy D. Ratner Mechanical Simulation of Human Pleura for Medical Training by Crosslinked Polyurethane
Xiaoyu Zhang Qiuming Yu Flexible Narrowband Ultraviolet Photodetectors with Photomultiplication Based on Wide Band Gap Conjugate Pilymer and Inorganic Nanoparticles

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Chih-Chung Chen Elizabeth Nance Curcumin-Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for Neuroprotection in Neonatal Rats with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
Chiawei Hsu François Baneyx Mineralization of titania with sfGFP-Car9 variants
Taejin Jang Venkat Subramanian Orthogonal Collocation on Finite Element Method for Driven Cavity Flow
Luman Liu Cole DeForest Cyclic Stiffness Photomodulation of Cell-Laden Protein-  Polymer Hydrogels
Pearl Philip David A.C. Beck Analyzing small molecule inhibition of enxymes: A preliminary  machine learning approach towards drug lead generation
Aditya Salunkhe Rene Overney & John Berg The Use of Boundary Lubricants for the Reduction of Particle Jamming in Jet Cutting
Vineet Venkatanarayanan John C. Berg Suppression of Asphaltene Adsorption in Porous Media
Brian W. Williamson Hugh Hillhouse Bil3: A Lower Toxicity Route to Tandem Solar Cells
Jiawei Xue Shaoyi Jiang Environmentally friendly self-polishing anti-fouling coatings for marine applications
Erjin Zheng Qiuming Yu Solution-processed Visible-blind UV-A Photodetectors Based on CH3NH3PbCl3 Perovskite Thin Films

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Jia-Ruey Ai Shaoyi Jiang Mixed-charge Copolymer as Environmentally Friendly Low fouling Marine Coatings
Kannan Aravagiri François Baneyx Affinity Tag Excision Strategies for Car-9 Tagged Positions
Julie Blanchfield Qiuming Yu Characterization and Degradation of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters and Biodiesel in Artificial Seawater Under UV Exposure Using Raman Spectroscopy
Xinran Che Shaoyi Jian Bioinspired Anti-fouling Coating on Hydrophobic Surfaces
Prathamesh Gawade Cole DeForest Logic Based Delivery of Site-Specifically-Modified Proteins from Gels through Engineered Biomacromolecular Architecture
Soohyung Lee Vincent Holmberg A Comparative Study of Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals as Agents for Photothermal Therapy
Hsin-Ju Tung Jim Pfaendtner Accelerating Protein Unfolding Simulations: Effect of Ionic Liquids on Villin Headpiece Unfolding Time

Wenlan Yang

François Baneyx Chemically Addressable Protein Entrapment in Silica Sol-gels

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Michael P. Comerford Cole A. DeForest Programmable Logic-Based Delivery of Small Molecule Therapeutics from Gels
Yu-Han Ho Qiuming Yu Development of Microfluidic Devices For In Situ Investigation of Cells Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Changlong Zou Daniel T. Schwartz Implementation of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy on the Mobile Phone

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Student Faculty Adviser Thesis Title
Stephanie Marie Hoffmann Jim Pfaendtner Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Poly(3-hexyl thiophenes) in Dilute Solutions
Michael T. Lombardo Lilo D. Pozzo Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Surfactants

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