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Big Wins for ChemE at UW Business Plan Competition


Team Decaf Style enjoying the sweet decaffeinated check for their second place prize win. 


All three Chemical Engineering Entrepreneurial Design teams took home coveted prizes at yesterday's UW Business Plan Competition


Decaf Style: Second Place Prize & the Best Retail Innovation Idea

Congratulations to Team Decaf Style who won the Second Place Prize and a $10,000 check as well as the Best Retail Innovation Idea with a $2,500 check! Decaf Style out of Prof. Lilo Pozzo's lab is developing new natural and cost-effective materials that provide instant beverage decaffeination without use of chemicals or affecting the taste. 

Decaf Style logo

Decaf Style
Chun-Chia Kao, Archana Narayan, Yu-Liang Liu, Muhamad Said, Matthew Willett; UW Chemical Engineering, UW Foster School of Business



Ionic Windows: Clean Tech Prize

Team Ionic Windows, also out of Prof. Pozzo's lab, was honored with the Clean Tech Prize with a $5,000 seed funding. They provide membranes to flow battery manufacturers that enable a 25 percent capital cost reduction, making grid-scale renewable energy economically viable. 

Ionic Windows Logo


Ionic Windows
Anthony Moretti, Ian Hochstein; UW Chemical Engineering, UW Foster School of Business



Coulomb Sea: Best Consumer Product Idea

Team Coulomb Sea (formerly Smart Charger Pro) out of Profs. Dan Schwartz and Venkat Subramanian's labs took home the Best Consumer Product Idea with a $2,500 check. They offer a smarter and customizable way to charge electronic devices utilizing flexible rates, improving battery health while reducing waste. 

Coulomb Sea logo


Coulomb Sea (formerly Smart Charger Pro)

Yanbo Qi, Yutian Qian, Samson Smith, Niccolo Fortes, Nannan Jiang; UW Chemical Engineering



The three teams were selected for their honors out of 96 teams entering into this year's competition. They also competed in this year's Environmental Innovation Challenge with Ionic Windows taking home the second place. The teams carry on the legacy of strong performance by ChemE teams, including last year's BPC Grand Prize win by a ChemE startup, Vie Diagnostics


Decaf Style

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