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Graduation 2021

The University of Washington Department of Chemical Engineering cordially invites you to our 2021 graduation ceremony

Friday, June 11, 4:00–5:00 pm PDT

"class of 2021 banner with logo and column"

Watch the Ceremony

Graduates and Faculty

You're invited to take part in the ceremony via Zoom. You will receive information about how to register for the event.

  • Graduates: when we call your name during the ceremony, we will spotlight your video feed if you have it enabled. This means everyone will see your video emphasized as if you were speaking. There will also be a time at the end when everyone can celebrate together.
  • By joining the Zoom call, you’ll need to acknowledge it will be recorded and live streamed to YouTube. If you do not wish to be recorded and shown on the YouTube stream, you may want to turn off your video or watch via the live stream.
  • If you have technical issues that you are unable to resolve, the YouTube live stream is an alternative to ensure you do not miss the ceremony.

Guests & Friends of the Department

Tune into the live stream of the ceremony on YouTube. There will be a delay between Zoom and the live stream on YouTube, so we recommend that family members who will be in the same room with a graduate watch the Zoom meeting with their graduate. If possible, graduates may want to extend their display onto a TV or larger screen for families who are watching.

Virtual Reception

After the program, graduates and their guests can visit with faculty via Join here:

Party Packages!

Graduates can either pick up their party package at Benson Hall or have it delivered in the mail. If you've opted for package pickup, please come to the Benson patio on Thursday, June 10, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. or 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Photo opportunities will be available at Benson and around campus

Please contact for help. The package is not required to participate in graduation, but if you have one, you should have it available during the ceremony!

Share your celebration!

If you're posting your graduation photos on Instagram, consider adding a custom UW ChemE sticker. Our stickers are found here on Giphy, and instructions are here.

In addition, ChemE would love to see how you’re celebrating and to preserve this special occasion for department posterity. Share photos of your graduation celebrations with us! For example, these might be photos of you watching the ceremony, receiving congratulations from family, or proudly sporting your cap and gown.

Submit your photos

Photos may be used in department communications such as newsletters, websites, and social media posts. Please indicate if they should be for department archives only. If you have issues uploading photos through the form, please send them to