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Bay Area Alumni Reception

From left: Lyman Young (BS '81), Marion So (BS '81), Prof. Cole DeForest and Ken Silk 


In conjunction with the November AIChE meeting, the Department hosted a reception to connect with Bay Area alumni.


Attendees gathered in Berkeley included alumni Jon Bagg (BS ‘71), Denny Roja (MS ‘69) and Tony Huang (BS ‘82). In addition to Profs. DeForest and Carothers, ChemE graduate students presenting at the conference were also in attendance. Among them were Wesley Beckner and Kayla Sprenger from the Pfaendtner Group, Erik Liu, Andy Sinclair and Peng Zhang from the Jiang Group, and Brittney Hellner and Jessica Soto-Rodriguez from the Baneyx Group.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for Bay Area alumni to meet new faculty and students and learn of the state of the department. Alumni are a big part of the ChemE community and the opportunity for our students to network with them is invaluable,” Chair Baneyx said.

Graduate students with Shuman Mitra (BS '93, middle) and Vance Jaeger (PhD '15, right)


Tony Huang (BS '82, left) and Jon Bagg (BS '71, right) wtih graduate student Brittney Hellner


From left: Grad student Wesley Beckner, Melanie Drake (BS '11) and Vance Jaeger (PhD '15, right)