Grad Students

Graduate Students

Jim Pfaendtner in class

Chemical Engineering graduate students learn from faculty members in an atmosphere that encourages hands-on exploration and innovation. With a broad range of faculty interests and expertise, graduate students have the opportunity to delve into a variety of specialized fields, including alternative energy, nanotechnology, biomaterials, and polymer science. Whether earning a M.S. or Ph. D., our graduate students acquire the skills and knowledge to excel in an assortment of academic and industrial careers.

Learn about the admission process and requirements for Ph.D. and M.S. programs.  
Listing of Chemical Engineering graduate courses (numbered 500 and higher), with a brief description of the course and its credit hours. 
The go-to guide for doctoral students, detailing the Chemical Engineering department, admission to the Ph.D. program, University requirements, and life at UW.
The go-to guide for master's students, detailing the Chemical Engineering department, admission to the M.S. program, University requirements, and life at UW.


Listing of Ph.D. graduates, with faculty advisor, year and dissertation title.
Listing of M.S. graduates, with faculty advisor, year and thesis title.
Association of Chemical Engineering Graduate Students' website with information about the group, events, and outreach.