Faculty Snapshot

The UW Department of Chemical Engineering has 26 core faculty members. Several additional faculty members in other programs, such as bioengineering and mechanical engineering, have joint appointments in ChemE. The department is large enough to offer a wide range of research topics, yet small enough for faculty and students to know each other.

At a Glance

  • 26 core teaching and research faculty
  • 14 endowed positions
  • 16 joint or adjunct faculty with other UW departments
  • 19 affiliate faculty from industry and external research and educational institutions
  • 25 post-doctoral research associates


  • 5 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Members: Bruce Finlayson, Allan Hoffman, Buddy Ratner, Bud Homsy, Albert Babb (deceased) 

  • 1 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Member: Mary Lidstrom 

  • 5 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellows: François Baneyx, Samson Jenekhe, Mary Lidstrom, Buddy Ratner, Charles Sleicher

  • 5 American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering Fellows: François Baneyx, David Castner, Allan Hoffman, Shaoyi Jiang, Buddy Ratner 

  • 4 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Fellows: John Berg, Bruce Finlayson, Shaoyi Jiang, Charles Sleicher

  • 2 American Academy of Microbiology Fellows: François Baneyx, Mary Lidstrom 

  • 1 American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow: Buddy Ratner 

  • 1 Electrochemical Society Fellow: Dan Schwartz

  • 1 American Physical Society Fellow: Sam Jenekhe 

  • 1 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow: Sam Jenekhe 

  • 9 Washington State Academy of Science Members: François Baneyx, David Castner, Bruce Finlayson, Allan Hoffman, Samson Jenekhe, Shaoyi Jiang, Mary Lidstrom, Buddy Ratner, Dan Schwartz

  • UW Clean Energy Institute Founding Director: Dan Schwartz 


  • 2015 Electrochemical Society Electrodeposition Division Research Award (Schwartz) 

  • 2015 The Jaconette L. Tietze Young Scientist Award (DeForest)

  • 2015 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award (Schwartz)

  • 2015 ACS Langmuir Lecturer (Ratner)

  • 2015 Forbes "30 under 30" in Science and Medicine (Nance)

  • 2014 Riviere Prize, United Kingdom Surface Analysis Forum (Castner)

  • 2014 DOE Sunshot Award (Hillhouse)

  • 2014 "20 under 40", American Society of Engineering Education (Pfaendtner)

  • 2014 Burroughs Wellcome Career Award (Nance) 

  • 2014 UW 50-Year Anniversary (Berg)

  • 2014 AIChE Stine Award (Jenekhe)

  • 2014 Lifetime Inventor & Innovator Award, UW School of Medicine (Ratner) 

  • 2014 UW Presidential Innovation Award (Carothers)

  • 2014 Junior Faculty Innovator Award, UW College of Engineering (Pfaendtner)

  • 2013 Sloan Research Fellow (Carothers)

  • 2013 DOE Early Career Award (Pozzo) 

  • 2013 UW Distinguished Teaching Award (Pfaendtner)

  • 2013 UW Outstanding Research Mentor Award (Pozzo) 

  • 2013 ACS OpenEye Junior Faculty Award (Pfaendtner) 

  • 2013 Innovator in Research Award, UW College of Engineering (Jenekhe)

  • 2012 UW Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow (Jiang)

  • 2012 Innovator in Research Award, UW College of Engineering (Jiang)

  • 2012 Innovator in Teaching and Learning, UW College of Engineering (Overney)

  • 2012 National Science Foundation Career Award (Pfaendtner)