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Holly Sullivan '17

Bachelor of Science, 2017 - Biotechnology Specialty Area & Chemistry Minor

Why UW ChemE? I chose Chemical Engineering as an incoming freshman because it played to my strengths in school: math, physics, and chemistry. Once I started in the program I realized that chemical engineering is more than just a good fit for me in terms of subject matter-- I also love the flexibility of the degree. At UW, the ChemE department represents the diversity of interests and abilities that chemical engineers possess. We have high caliber professors that teach and inspire as well as fellow students that make this department feel like a small community in such a big school. 

What is one cool opportunity you've had as a ChemE? Through my undergraduate research and amazing coursework at UW, I was able to attend the Amgen Scholar's Program this summer at UCLA. I used a lot of the skills I have learned as a Chemical Engineering major and am excited to come back and return to my research here!

ChemE's can do anything! I hear that phrase almost everyday in UW ChemE department-- and it's so true. There are so many opportunities with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and the education here at UW is top notch. It really prepares you for whatever path you want to take following undergrad.