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Amanda Levenson '18

I chose ChemE because I’ve always loved math and science, and view engineering as a way to solve complex problems impacting the society, and ultimately help others. And I’m always up for a challenge (although I’m in for a REALLY tough two years ahead of me)! 

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of UW ChemE. I love the supportive, tight-knit community of all the students, faculty and staff! Research with Professor Posner has been an incredible opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge projects in the medical field, gain insight to graduate school, and work with amazing post-docs and grad students. Serving as an officer for WChE has been another awesome opportunity to grow as a chemical engineer and student leader, establish strong relationships with the other officers/members, and give back to the department/greater Seattle area engineering community! 

I would encourage prospective ChemE’s to take the time to explore the field outside of coursework through joining engineering extracurricular activities, getting involved in undergraduate research, attending company information sessions, and talking to upperclassmen in the department. I know I speak for many people when I say I picked ChemE because of my interest in chemistry, physics and math; but that’s not what has continued to spark my interest in ChemE specifically, since all other engineering degrees use physics and math, and possibly some chemistry. My research experience, talking to company reps, and seeing where other ChemE’s get jobs/internships are what have shown me truly what ChemE is (in particular, the breadth of industries and positions available to someone with a ChemE degree) and reaffirmed my decision to be a part of this department. 

After graduation, I will be moving to Chandler, AZ to work as a Facilities Process Engineer at Intel Corporation, focused on sustaining and optimizing Bulk Chemical Delivery systems that support product manufacturing. After working as an intern last year, I fell in love with the fast-paced, competitive industry and I am excited for all the growth/movement opportunities a large company will provide me with. I hope to continue my involvement in supporting women in STEM through the Women at Intel Network and local SWE chapters, and eventually plan to pursue an MBA and engineering management positions.