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Payam Farahani '17

Bachelor of Science, 2017
Nano & MolecularEngineering Option

Why UW ChemE? Chemical engineering was initially appealing because of its wide variety of opportunities to apply chemistry toward societal benefit. Looking deeper into the discipline led to my fascination with biotechnology, exciting me for the role I can play in its advancement as a chemical engineer.

What is one cool opportunity you've had as a ChemE? I'm active in undergraduate research within the department, where I work with Professor Cole DeForest to design biomaterials for regenerative medicine applications. I've been developing a light-driven strategy to introduce mechanical and biochemical stimuli throughout cell-laden materials, which would enable the development of functional tissue substitutes of higher complexity. Research has been an excellent avenue for growth as a scientist and engineer, which I'm excited to continue by pursuing a Ph.D. following graduation.

What advice do you have for students thinking about ChemE? Given chemical engineering's breadth, it's helpful to pinpoint potential interests early on, and to pursue them through extracurricular activities - be it research, student organizations, or community service. Making time for extracurriculars will open additional doors to exciting opportunities throughout the major, while also helping determine specific career goals!