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Graduate Symposium 2013

The Sixth Annual

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium



September 19, 2013

Location: Mary Gates Hall, Room 389  (3rd floor auditorium)

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The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Symposium will be held on September 19th. This event provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students to share their work with representatives from industry. For industry representatives this event is a chance to learn about the exciting research being done at the UW, meet future research leaders, and help improve the quality of graduate education in the Chemical Engineering department.



Our keynote speaker is Jud Virden, Associate Lab Director for the Energy and Environment Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Symposium Schedule

9:30 am Coffee and Light Breakfast
10:15 am Welcoming Remarks
10:20 am Oral Session #1
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Graduate Student Poster Competition
3:00 pm Keynote Address from Dr. Jud Virden
4:00 pm Break
4:10 pm Oral Session #2
5:50 pm Closing Remarks, Poster Awards, and Thank You's

 List of Presenters

Time Presenter Title
10:15am Professor Pozzo

Welcoming Remarks

10:20am               Brandon Coyle 

Affinity tag and process for purification of recombinant proteins

10:40am Christopher Wolcott     

The Energetics of –CH3, -CH2, and –CH on Pt(111) Studied by Single Crystal Adsorption Calorimetry

11:00am Trent Silbaugh

Single crystal adsorption calorimetry: experimental benchmarks for heterogeneous catalyst

11:20am Qing Shao

Mechanisms of Difference between Carboxybetaine and Ethylene Glycol Materials in Affecting Biological Systems: a Molecular Simulation Study

11:40am               Amanda Lee Smith

Development of a Novel One-Carbon Assimilation Pathway in E. coli

3:00pm                  Dr. Jud Virden  

My career addressing National R&D challenges at Pacific Northwest National Lab (aka…what I have been up to the last 22 years since I left the UW ChemE department)

4:10pm                  Matthew Gacek                

Factors influencing particle charge in apolar media

4:30pm                  James Matthaei

Engineered 2D Protein Arrays for Efficient Production of Tumor-Reactive T cells

4:50pm                                    Benjamin Rutz

Improvement of Interfacial Shear Strength Using Electrostatically Deposited Silica Nano-particles

5:10pm Andrew Collord                 

Rapid Screening of Photovoltaic Materials

5:30pm                  Ann Kasia Nowinski        

Nature-Inspired Peptide-Coated Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications


Closing Remarks, Poster Awards, and Acknowledgments