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Department Seminar Series Winter 2014

Winter 2014

Seminars start at 4 p.m. Monday in the UW Physics Astronomy Auditorium, A110 unless otherwise indicated*

Refreshments served in PAA lobby at 3:30 p.m.
  Date   Speaker and Lecture Title
Dr. Sarah Perry

January 27

Sarah Perry

Postdoctoral Scholar
University of Chicago

Microfluidic and Biomimetic Approaches to Study and Control Biomolecule Function

Dr. Chih-Jen Shih

February 10

Chih-Jen Shih

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Understanding and Engineering Molecular Interactions and Electronic Transport at 2D Materials Interfaces

Vincent Holmberg

February 18*

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Vincent Holmberg

Postdoctoral Fellow
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Semiconductor Nanowires: From a Nanoscale System to a Macroscopic Material

Geoffrey Geise

February 24

Geoffrey M. Geise

Postdoctoral Scholar
ennsylvania State University

Structure/property relationships in polymer membranes for water purification and energy applications

Samira Azarin

March 3

Samira M. Azarin

Postdoctoral Fellow
Northwestern University
Engineering approaches for in vivo capture and detection of metastatic cells