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Jennifer Ewanich '20

Like most people in ChemE I had an affinity for chemistry, math and physics. In high school, I had an awesome chemistry teacher that introduced me to ChemE. I had never considered going into engineering before, but I loved chemistry and she convinced me that I would have more options after graduating with a ChemE degree. I like that ChemE is interdisciplinary so that I'm not limited to any one field of study. When I first visited UW I wandered around the ChemE building for a while before finding the advising office where I was able to sit down with Nicole and talk about ChemE. I was so impressed that I could have one-on-one time with an adviser in my department, which made the school feel a lot smaller. Learning about the tight-knit department solidified my decision to come to UW.

Because ChemE is so broad I've been able to apply myself to other engineering disciplines. I'm currently in a materials science lab and have no difficulty picking up the material with a ChemE background and have something unique to contribute to the team. We're currently working on a biosensor for early detection of pancreatic cancer. Additionally, I've been able to study abroad and spend time running and participating in triathlons! 

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My advice would be that ChemE is definitely a lot of work, and it can be hard to balance other activities. I still find time to train and compete in triathlons, you just have to manage your time well and find a healthy balance. All of the stress is worth it when you get to work with amazing faculty and peers everyday. And ChemE will prepare you for nearly any career path after graduating!