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ChemE Celebrations

The Department of Chemical Engineering students, faculty and staff are not just about classroom learning and research. As a community, we host and participate in several events throughout the year such as Departmental Awards Day, Graduation, Engineering Discovery Days and college kickball. Here are the recent highlights. 


AIChE Halloween Costume Contest

ChemE gathered for the AIChE autumn BBQ on Halloween, with, of course, a costume contest, judged by Profs. DeForest and Pfaendtner. Congratulations to the winners - Austin Habich, Victoria Patton, and Bennett Battistoni couple.  Nick Ivarson, AIChE President, fired up the BBQ and the proceeds support the AIChE organization.  






ChemE Dominates COE Kickball Tournament for the Second Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, the ChemE Kickball Team has dominated the UW College of Engineering tournament! Their final playoff was against CSE, which ended in a walk-off home run by Trevor Braun. Go ChemE!

Cole DeForest, Frank Eberle, Mitchell Wilder, Hsin-Ju (Michael) Tung, Josh Smith, Trevor Braun, Mark Borysiak, Charlie Corredor, Karl Oleson, Jim Pfaendtner (back row from left); ​Noel Kat, Kayla Sprenger, Kelly Fleming (front row from left); Daiki Kuzuhara, Xiao Ding (teammates not in photo)

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ChemE Graduation 2015: June 11, 2015

Congratulations to the class of 2015 and their loved ones! Speakers included Ibrahim Unsal (UG student), Prof. Bradley Holt (faculty speaker), and Ms. Mary Armstrong (R. W. Moulton Award). 

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Engineering Discovery Days: April 24 & 25, 2015

This engineering open house may be 100 years old, but some of its cheerful participants could not have been further from it.  Our venerable Benson Hall filled with a sea of little neon hoodies and backpacks carrying colorful curiosities and minds ready to be blown away. 

The ChemE students and faculty put together an exceptional collection of experiential learning for elementary and middle school visitors on Friday and for high school students on Saturday.  The future engineers defied nature and even walked on water, too.  Kudos to the volunteers for the jaw-dropping, feet-dirtying success!  

ChemE Exhibits:
Biodiesel Cooperative; Cooler Than Ice; Electrochemical Oxidation of Titanium; Making Molecules from Bugs; Microbes are Everywhere; Walk on Water; Water Splitting


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ChemE Awards Day 2015: April 22, 2015

Congratulations to the ChemE students who were recognized at the 2015 Awards Day! Part of the ChemE family — 70 or so people —  gathered at the UW Club today to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and faculty. The event featured an address from this year’s recipient of the R. Wells Moulton Distinguished Alumnus in Academia, Prof. Clayton J. Radke (B.S. 1966). “Practice your field and do it well,” said Radke, who emphasized the importance of having the courage to pursue and practice personal ethics. And it is evident from his warm and encouraging demeanor that Professor Radke walks the talk in “perfecting the positive outlook on life” that he so recommends to students.

2015 Awards Day ChemE Grads2015 Awards Day ChemE UndergradsClayton Radke with François Baneyx 2015 Awards Day

Grads (top left), undergrads (top right), Prof. Clayton Radke with ChemE Chair François Baneyx (bottom left)

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ChemE Grad Awards Ceremony: November 24, 2014

The ChemE graduate students and faculty gathered to honor this year's award winners. The event featured a presentation by 2014 Faculty Lecture Award winner, Charlie Corredor. Other award recipients included Trent Silbaugh for Departmental TA Award and Ye-Jin Hwang for High Impact Publication Award.

Charlie Corredor (Recipient of the 2014 Faculty Lecture Award) with Prof. Jonathan Posner      

Ye-Jin Hwang with Prof. Sam Jenekhe (left), ACES Members Willy Voje, Alaina Floyd, Mark Borysiak, Kasia Nowinski (right)

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ChemE Wins 2014 COE Kickball Tournament!

The 2014 ChemE kickball team has won the UW College of Engineering kickball tournament. On Friday, September 5th, after vanquishing the AE department in the semi-final, Team ChemE fought a hard-nosed game against the CSE department. Way to go!

Top from left: Yuyin Xi, Pablo De La Iglesia, Kyle Caldwell, Mark Boziak, Trever Braun, Kiren Kanekai, Ao Ding, Charlie Corredor
Bottom from left: Warren Pinkard, Cole DeForest, Jim Pfaendtner, Dan Dembiczak, Kelly Fleming, Kayla Sprenger

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ChemE Graduation 2014

Click here for the photo slideshow.
The ChemE community gathered to honor our graduates and celebrate their accomplishments. Three speakers - Jess Little (Student), Prof. Jim Pfaendtner (Faculty), and Dr. Jud Virden (Moulton Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient) - shared inspiring messages for the journey ahead with the graduating class.

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ChemE Awards Day 2014: May 16, 2014

The ChemE community gathered in the UW Club - Yukon Pacific Room to celebrate our outstanding undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty for all of the accomplishments and achievements for the year. We also honored Professor Richard B. Dickinson, B.S. 1987, with the R. Wells Moulton Medal for Distinguished Academic Alumnus of ChemE.


Prof. Dickinson and Chair Baneyx (left)
Dan Evans, 2012 Moulton Distinguished Alumnus with Nick Sage, a recipient of Dan Evans scholarship (right)


Awards Recipients

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ChemE contributes to UW Combined Fund

The results are in for the current UW Combined Fund Drive. Despite the challenging times, the breaking news for UW is the pledge over $2 million dollars. On April 5, 2012, Secretary of State Sam Reed hosted a luncheon for UWCFD volunteers for this outstanding campaign. According to Sam Reed, the University of Washington is the number one campaign in the country as well as in Washington State, with more than 3,400 charities.

Faculty, staff, and students in the Chemical Engineering Department made the campaign very successful. The department donated 24 shoes to Redeeming Soles, an organization supplying shoes to those in need in the wet Pacific Northwest. The department also held a bake sale and accepted donations in Fall 2011, and raised over $100. The funds were donated to PAWS, a champion for animals, rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife. In addition, ChemE made pledges to organizations online through the combined fund, raising our donation funds from 11% to 15%.

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ChemE Graduation 2012: June 8, 2012

ChemE Graduation 2012 Fun!On June 8th, 57 Chemical Engineering undergraduates gathered in Guggenheim 220 to reap the fruits of their four year educational labors. The Class of 2012 Commencement Ceremony featured a welcome from Chair Dan Schwartz, Faculty Address from Prof. Brad Holt, Student Speaker David Julian, and a speech from 2012 R. Wells Moulton Distinguished Alumnus Dan Evans. Photos of the ceremony and graduates can be found on the ChemE Graduation Photo page.

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ChemE Awards Day 2012: May 4, 2012

Awards Day 2012Every year, the Chemical Engineering Department celebrates the accomplishments of our undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. This year, the ceremony was held in the Computer Science and Engineering building on Friday, May 4th. Photos of the undergraduate and graduate award recipients are available on the ChemE Awards Day 2012 Photo page.



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Engineering Discovery Days 2012: April 20-21, 2012

Discovery Days 2012 Students Once again, the department held several exhibits during the College of Engineering's Discovery Days. The department had hundreds of elementary through high school students stop by Benson to check out the displays. Exhibits included the ChemE Car, Walk on Water, Silly Science, Biodiesel Cooperative, and Cooler than Ice. Photos of the event can be found at the Discovery Days Photo page.

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College of Engineering Scholar Donor Luncheon: Nov. 30, 2011

Scholarship Luncheon 2011

The College of Engineering hosts the Scholar Donor Luncheon event every fall to celebrate the accomplishments of students and thank scholarship and fellowship donors. Photos with ChemE donors and students can be found at the Scholar Donor Luncheon 2012 Photo page.




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