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Recent Ph.D. Degrees and Thesis Titles

Ph.D. candidates work closely with faculty members to earn their degree. Before being awarded their degree, they must submit a dissertation based on the research work they have conducted. The list below names recent Ph.D. awardees along with their faculty advisors and dissertation titles.


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Guoqiang Ren Samson Jenekhe Studies of Organic Semiconductor Nanostructures and Their Photovoltaic Applications
Andrew D. White Shaoyi Jiang Modeling Nonspecific Interactions at Biological Interfaces
Christina S. Yacoob Hong Shen Particle Fabrication and delivery systems for controlled release of bumped kinase inhibitors (BKIs) for malaria transmission blocking


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Richard D. Champion Graham Allan Organic-Inorganic Ion-Exchange in Cellulosic Fiber Matrices
Valerie H. Lieu Daniel Schwartz Design, Analysis, and Translation of 3D Hydrodynamic Tweezer Microeddies
Prasad Bhosale John Berg Rheology and Interparticle Interactions Studies in Complex Media
Eric M. Karp Charles Campbell Adsorption Calorimetry Measurements of the Energetics of Catalytic Intermediates: Emperical Trends and Benchmarks for Theory
Felix S. Kim Samson Jenekhe Studies of Polymer Field-Effect Transistors
Kjersta Lynn Larson-Smith Lilo D. Pozzo Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles in Dispersion and at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces
Hai T. Nguyen Hong Shen Immunogenicity of gold nanoshell/silica core nanoplasmonics and photothermal induced-cell death
Kurt A. Spies Eric Stuve Electro-Catalytic Reforming of Ethylene Glycol
Kathleen M. Weigandt Lilo D. Pozzo Structure-Function Relationships of Self-Assembled Fibrillar Gels
Lei Zhang Shaoyi Jiang Zwitterionic Polymers and Their Derivatives as Drug and Gene Delivery Carriers and Implantable Materials


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Cortney Kreller Stuart Adler Measurement and Modeling of Material and Micro-structural Factors Governing Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Cathodes
Kenny Tran Hong Shen Engineering Immunity Through the Rational Design of Vaccines
Sirnegeda D Techane David G. Castner Functionalization and Characterization of Fold Nanoparticles
Joseph E. Baio David Castner A multi-technique characterization of adsorbed protein films: orientation and structure by ToF-SIMS, NEXAFS, SFG, and XPS
Zhiqiang Cao Shaoyi Jiang Development of Zwitterionic/Mixed Charge Materials for Biological Applications
Louisa R. Carr Shaoyi Jiang Developing Biocompatible Zwitterionic Materials for Biomedical Applications: Gene Therapy and Nonfouling Hydrogels
Carolyn D. Grosh François Baneyx and Daniel Schwartz Translating Designer Proteins to Nanoparticle Manufacturing
Sathana Kityaporn Daniel Schwartz Integrating top-down and bottom-up nanomanufacturing: Design of nucleation and growth processes from electrolytes
Shinichiro Muramoto David Castner Characterization of ToF-SIMS Primary Ion Sources for Biomedical Applications
Brent L. Nannenga François Baneyx Improving the expression of secretory and membrane proteins in Escherichia coli through folding pathway engineering
Bingbing Sun Hong Shen Correlation of Compositional and Structural Properties of Mineral Nanocomposites with the Gene Transfer Efficiency and Immunostimulatory Effects


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Daniel Knorr René Overney and Samson Jenekhe Molecular Relaxations in Constrained Nanoscale Systems
Hongyan Ma James Bryers Non-invasive Quantification of plasmid Dynamics within Mixed Culture Biofilms
Saran Poovarodom John Berg Manipulation of Colloidal Aggregation Phenomena
Pei-Tzu Wu Samson Jenekhe New Polymer Semiconductors for Organic Electronics


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Julia Apte/td> David G. Castner Investigating peptide adsorption and orientation using surface analysis techniques
Sarah Atzet Buddy Ratner Degradable poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) for use in cardiac tissue engineered constructs
Christopher Barnes Buddy Ratner Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Natural Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Fang Cheng David G. Castner XPS, ToF-SIMS and SPR characterization of protein surfaces
Gang Cheng Shaoyi Jiang Design and Development of Integrated Ultralow Fouling and Antimicrobial Zwitterionic Matierals
Perry Cheung Daniel T. Schwartz Dynamic characterization of partially-saturated porous media using hydraulic admittance
Joseph Fairweather Daniel T. Schwartz Capillary Properties of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Gas Diffusion Media: Experimental Characterization and Modification
Jason Hower Shaoyi Jiang Molecular Mechanisms of Protein-Surface Interactions
Jason Killgore René Overney Interfacial confinement effects on material and transport properties of polymeric gas separation membranes
Joseph Wei René Overney and David Ginger Dip-pen nanolithography for template-directed organization: polymer thin films, positive resists, engineering polypeptides, and electrochemical synthesis


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Liney Arnadottir Eric M. Stuve Experimental and theoretical investigations of methanol oxidation and related reactions on platinum electrodes
Matthew Bernards Shaoyi Jiang Biomolecular Interfaces: Controlling Protein Adsorption for Biomaterial and Biosensor Applications
Dinesh Baskar Stuart Adler High temperature magnetic properties of transition metal oxides with perovskite structure
Alexandra D. Holland Mary Lidstrom Characterization and engineering of the phosphate and polyphosphate metabolisms in Deinococcus radio durans R1 for radioactive metal biosequestration and evidence for novel regulatory mechanisms
Yi He Shaoyi Jiang Molecular Simulation Studies of Biomolecular Interfaces
Jon Ladd Shaoyi Jiang Development of Surface Chemistries and Protein Arrays for Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing in Complex Media
Peter Laxton John Berg Linking the macroscopic rheological properties of gels to micro- and nano-scopic colloidal phenomena
Derek Mortisen Buddy Ratner Scaffolds as functional templates for cardiac tissue engineering
Allen Taylor Shaoyi Jiang Surface Chemistries for Surface Plasma Resonance Biosensors
Zheng Zhang Shaoyi Jiang Biocompatible, functionalizable, and nonfouling surfaces and materials for biomedical and engineering applications


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation TItle
Xiyong Chen Stuart Adler Thermo-mechanical, structural properties, and oxygen permeation behavior of mixed ionic electronic conductors La(1-x) Sr(x)CoO(3-delta)
Tomoko Ohashi Gray René Overney Exploitation of molecular mobilities for advanced organic optoelectronic and photonic nano-materials
Xiaofeng Guo Mary Lidstrom Integrative study of metabolism of methylobacterium extorquens AM1 from a metabolomic perspective
James Richard Hull David G. Castner The interactions of group B streptococci with human fibronectin
Abhishek Kulkarni Samson Jenekhe Studies of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Chi-Ying Lee David G. Castner Characterization of DNA-functionalized surfaces for microarray and biosensor applications
Yunxiang Lu Stuart Adler Study of electrochemical performance of strontium doped lanthanum cobalt oxides using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and microelectrode array cell design
Jeffrey Brian Nelson Daniel T. Schwartz Electrochemical printing: design, characterization and translation
Felix Nhanchau Nguyen John Berg Improvement of mechanical properties of polymeric composites: Experimental methods and new systems
Porranee Thanapakpawin Graham Allan Spatially-distributed modeling of hydrology and nitrogen export from watersheds
Benjamin J. Wiley Younan Xia Synthesis of silver nanostructures with controlled shapes and properties
Christopher Brant Wilson E. Jim Davis and Brian Swanson Measurement of chemical composition and pH profiles near the liquid-vapor interface of aqueous solutions using a unique confocal microscope system
Jamie R. Wilson Stuart Adler and Daniel T. Schwartz Measurement and prediction of nonlinear harmonics as a tool for dynamic characterization of electrochemical systems
Zheng Zhang Shaoyi Jiang Biocompatible, Functionalizable, and Nonfouling Surfaces and Materials for Biomedical and Engineering Applications
Yan Zhu Samson Jenekhe New conjugated polymers for organic electronics: Synthesis, properties, and applications


Student Faculty Advisor Dissertation Title
Daniel Allred Daniel T. Schwartz Electrochemical nanomoulding through proteins
Amit Babel Samson Jenekhe Molecular engineering of polymer thin-film transistors
Lan Cao Tom Horbett Tetraglyme glow discharge plasma modified biomaterials with ultralow protein adsorption and improved hemocompatibility
Jian Chen Daniel T. Schwartz Chemistry and physics in low Reynolds number micro steady streaming devices
Alvin Huang John Berg The effects of non-DLVO forces in colloidal aggregation
Lingyun Liu Shaoyi Jiang and Buddy Ratner Controlling Protein Orientation, Conformation and Distribution on Surfaces to Modulate Cell Behavior for Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Applications
Daniel Ramrus John Berg The creation and adhesion testing of patterned silane surfaces
Newton Samuel David G. Castner Structural characterization of adsorbed helical and beta-sheet peptides
Kristopher Schumacher Bruce Finlayson Direct numerical simulation of ferrofluid turbulence in magnetic fields
Elyse Shapiro François Baneyx Optimizing Escherichia coli for the detection of antimicrobial compounds