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ChemE Class of 1967 Reunion

Kaitlin Colleary
July 13, 2017

The Department of Chemical Engineering welcomed back the class of 1967 who celebrated their 50th reunion last month in Benson Hall.

The reunion was held on June 9 in conjunction with the Chemical Engineering Graduation. From the class of 1967, Om Agarwala, Donald Anderson, Robert Burmark, Christian Haussmann, Lino Niccoli, Richard Perry and Eugene Skoglund were in attendance, as well as spouses Fran Anderson, Marilyn Burmark and Priscilla Skoglund. A friend from the class of 1968, Will McKean, was also present. From the department, Emeritus Prof. Charles Sleicher, Emeritus Prof. Bill Heideger and spouse Janet Heideger, Professor John Berg and Department Chair François Baneyx attended.

Class of 1967 Reunion
From left: Chair François Baneyx, Eugene Skoglund ‘67, Donald Anderson ‘67, Richard Perry ‘67, Christian Haussmann ‘67, Lino Niccoli ‘67, Robert Burmark ‘67, William McKean ‘68, Om Agarwala ‘67, Emeritus Prof. Charles Sleicher, Emeritus Prof. Bill Heideger and Professor John Berg.


Chair Baneyx provided a tour of Benson Hall, pointing out several updates as well as spaces such as the Unit Ops lab, which have not changed dramatically in the past 50 years. The tour concluded in the Temple Conference Room where alumni mingled over snacks and looked at photos from their time as students when the building first opened its doors.

Chair Baneyx shared remarks with the group and provided a departmental update. Then, in recognition of 50 years of accomplishments, he presented members of the Class of '67 with commemorative “stoles of gratitude.” Several alumni wore the stoles proudly during the graduation ceremony that followed. 

From left: Chair Baneyx presents stoles of gratitude to Om Argawala and Eugene Skoglund from the class of 1967.

Prof. John Berg surprised the group with photos of the alumni from their time in the department. The celebration was joyful and enjoyed by all. We look forward to continuing this tradition with the class of 1968 next year.