ChemE Conference Room Guidelines

Reservation Guidelines for Benson 109

Benson 109 is the primary large conference room for the Department of Chemical Engineering and is heavily used by Department faculty, staff, and graduate students. 

  • The main office staff in Benson 105 maintains the conference room schedule. Faculty can make reservations by accessing the room reservation calendar on Google calendars. Students must submit room reservation requests to Caroline Armstrong at the reception: Phone: (206) 543-2250 or Email:
  • The doors should be locked when the conference rooms are not in use. If you do not have a key, a staff member in Benson 105 can open the conference room door for you.
  • Reservations are first-come, first-served. (Occasionally a reservation may be pre-empted based upon the priorities listed below.)
  • Standing reservations for chemical engineering faculty can be made for the entire academic year for 2 regularly scheduled hours. Times beyond this can be reserved on an ad hoc basis. Groups with 6 or fewer members should use the small conference room (137A) and those groups with 7 or more members should use 109.
  • Reservations, for other than department events, are limited to two hours during the academic year. Exceptions can be made in the summer (e.g., short courses, workshops).
  • In general, classes are not to be held in the conference room. Exceptions can be made for one-credit research seminars, special project classes, or special exams.
  • If time conflicts arise between faculty members, the parties involved will resolve the conflict and notify the main office staff of the resolution.
  • If a reserved time will not be used, please notify the main office staff as soon as possible.

Priority for usage when requesting a reservation for 109

  1. Faculty meetings
  2. Department events (e.g., ABET, orientation, prelims, research presentations)
  3. Faculty and research groups
  4. General exams
  5. Staff
  6. Graduate students
  7. Department undergraduate students*

Possible alternative conference rooms for faculty use:

  • UWEB, Bagley 464, 206.685.0676
  • CPAC, Chemistry Library 124, 206.685.2326
  • EE Rooms, Electrical Engr. Bldg. 206.221.5270

* Undergrads admitted to chemical engineering may reserve Benson 109 for special meetings (study groups, recruiting visits, etc.) when the undergraduate lounge is not appropriate. Food is not allowed in 109 without express permission. These reservations may be bumped by higher priority users.