Plan of Study

The Undergraduate Plan of Study is a resource undergraduates can use to help select the appropriate courses, and is listed with the course number, credit count, and the quarter the course is offered.

Pre-admission Plan of Study

Courses for students new to the University and who have not been admitted to the Chemical Engineering program. Courses listed in bold are required for admission to the program. Students admitted through direct freshman admission should meet with the department's academic advisor to craft an individual plan of study for the first and second years.

Year One—Pre-admission

Autumn Qtr Winter Qtr Spring Qtr
MATH 124 (5) MATH 125 (5) MATH 126 (5)
CHEM 142 (5)* CHEM 152 (5)* CHEM 162 (5)*
ENGL 131 (5) Other credits (5)** PHYS 121 (5)

Year Two—Pre-admission

Autumn Qtr (cr) Winter Qrt1 (cr)  
MATH 307 (3) MATH 308 (3)  
CHEM 237 (4) CHEM 238 (4)  
PHYS 122 (5) PHYS 123 (5)  
Other credits (4)** AMATH 301 (4)  

Post-admission Plan of Study

Courses for higher-level students who have been admitted to the Chemical Engineering program. The required CHEM E courses are offered only in the quarters listed.

Year Two—Post-admission

    Spring Qrt, year 2
    MATH 309 (3)
    CHEM E 310 (4)
    HCDE 231 (3)
    Other credits (4-5)**

Year Three—Post-admission

Autumn Qrt
Winter Qrt
Spring Qrt
CHEM E 325 (4) CHEM E 326 (4) CHEM E 436 (3)
CHEM E 330 (5) CHEM E 340 (4) CHEM E 457 (3)
CHEM 455 (3) Other credits (3-5)**
Option: Engineering
Other credits (2-3)**    

Year Four—Post-admission

Autumn Qrt (cr) Winter Qrt (cr) Spring Qrt (cr)
CHEM E 435 (4) CHEM E 437 (3) CHEM E 486 (5)
CHEM E 465 (4) CHEM E 480 (4) Other credits **
CHEM E 455 (3) CHEM E 485 (4)  
 (or spring qtr) Other credits (min 1 cr)**  
Other credits (3-5)**    

Students are encouraged to use a chemical engineering degree worksheet to track their profess toward meeting the degree requirements.

**Other credits may be engineering electives (16 credits are required); VLPA (humanities) and I&S (social sciences) (24 credits required, at least 10 in each category); or other courses. For a list of all courses and credits required for the degree, see the Department of Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements.