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Recent M.S. Degrees and Thesis Titles

Master's candidates can earn their degree in Chemical Engineering, with the option of completing a thesis. Below our recent M.S. graduates are listed with their thesis titles, if applicable.

Awarded M.S. degrees—Thesis option

The following graduates submitted a research project before earning their M.S. Students, their faculty advisors, and thesis titles are listed by year of completion.


Student Faculty Advisor Thesis Title
Elizabeth Beaudry David Castner Surface Analysis of Polymeric Nanoparticles      
Jordan Krause Shaoyi Jiang Development of Nonfouling Zwitterionic Films and Hydrogels via Photopolymerization


Student Faculty Advisor Thesis Title
Andrew DeMartini Stu Adler Measurement and prediction of the oxygen surface reaction and thermodynamics behavior of solid oxide fuel cell materials
Carolynn D. Grosh François Baneyx and Daniel T. Schwartz Using electrochemical deposition to connect protein inorganic binding properties to synthesis properties
Geoffrey Leonard John Berg Modulus-graded interphase modifiers in E-glass fiber & thermoplastic composites


Student Faculty Advisor Thesis Title
Rachit Agarwal John Berg Improvement in adhesion of E-Glass/fiber PVB composites
Richard D. Champion Guozhong Cao Studies of polymer semiconductors toward all-polymer ambipolar field-effect transistors


Student Faculty Advisor Thesis Title
Shawn Huff Stu Adler Diagnosis and Characterization of Gas Diffusion and Interfacial Processes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems Using Linear and Non-linear Impedance Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Modeling


Student Faculty Advisor Thesis Title
Janhavi Bhandari Daniel T. Schwartz Genetically engineered proteins for electrochemical deposition of cuprous oxide (Cu2)) and silver (Ag)
Laura Lu Jim Seferis Development and analysis of multiscale carbon nanomatrix composites
Benjamin Purvis N. Larry Ricker Dynamic modeling of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and real-time materials accounting strategies
Gaurav Rayal Dave Castner Multivariate analysis and enhancement of ToF-SIMS images from biomolecular patterns at micron- and nanometer-scale
Ryan Reed John Berg Characterization and optimization of carbon fiber/epoxy resin interface
Stephen Tebaldi Mary Lidstrom Immobilization of renilla luciferase through biotinylation for use as a signaling mechanism in underwater sensors

Awarded M.S. degrees—Non-thesis option

The following graduates earned their M.S. with a non-thesis option, and are listed with their faculty advisors by year of completion.


Student Faculty Advisor
Moses Cho  
Charlie Corredor  
Cristina E Nelson  
Genaro A Perez-Selsky  
Andrew William Sinclair  
Fang Sun  
Brian J F Swift  
Weiran Zhang  


Student Faculty Advisor
John H Bae  
Andrew D Collord  
Rosa Daneshvar  
Michael A Deighan  
Matthew Michael Gacek  
Tim C Geary  
Ye-Jin Hwang  
Timothy J McDonald  
Ann K Nowinski  
Beau J Richardson  
Lige Tonggu  
Christopher A Wolcott  
Xi Zhan  
Leize Zhu  


Student Faculty Advisor
Jeffrey J Richards  
Trent Silbaugh  
Wei Yang  
Julee Floyd Buddy Ratner
Luo Mi Shaoyi Jiang
Gregory Newbloom Lilo D. Pozzo
Qing Shao Shaoyi Jiang


Student Faculty Advisor
Prasad Bhosale John Berg
Helen Chen Hong Shen
David Chiu François Baneyx
Brandon Coyle François Baneyx
Tyler House Daniel T. Schwartz
Bo Hu Mary Lidstrom
Eric Karp Charles T. Campbell
Lakshmi Kocherlakota René Overney
Kjersta Larson-Smith Lilo D. Pozzo
Amanda Lee Mary Lidstrom
Ikechuwku Nwaneshiudu Daniel T. Schwartz
Michael Robinson David G. Castner
Benjamin Rutz John Berg
Andrew White Shaoyi Jiang
Christina Yacoob Hong Shen
Lei Zhang Shaoyi Jiang


Student Faculty Advisor
Joseph Baio David Castner
N. David Brault Shaoyi Jiang
Zhiqiang Cao Shaoyi Jiang
Taeshik Earmme Samson Jenekhe
Andrew Keefe Shaoyi Jiang
Valerie Lieu Daniel T. Schwartz
Hai Nguyen Hong Shen
James Matthaei François Baneyx
Monica Ospinal-Jimenez Lilo D. Pozzo
Sean Peterson Shaoyi Jiang
Guoqiang Ren Samson Jenekhe
Thanapon Sangvanich Hong Shen
Kurt Spies Eric M. Stuve
Bingbing Sun Hong Shen
Kathleen Weigandt Lilo D. Pozzo
Sara York Daniel T. Schwartz


Student                                  Faculty Advisor
Louisa Carr Shaoyi Jiang
Gang Cheng Shaoyi Jiang
Felix Sunjoo Kim Samson Jenekhe
Sathana Kitayaporn Daniel T. Schwartz
Daniel Knorr René Overney/Samson Jenekhe
Cortney Kreller Stu Adler
Hongyan Ma James Bryers
Nathan Morris Shaoyi Jiang
Shinchiro Muramoto David Castner
Saran Poovarodom John Berg
Sirnegeda Techane David Castner
Matthew Thibodaux Charles Campbell
Kenny Tran Hong Shen
Pei-Tzu Wu Samson Jenekhe


Student                    Faculty Advisor
Julia Apte David Castner
Matthew Bernards Shaoyi Jiang
Yi He Shaoyi Jiang
Jason Hower Shaoyi Jiang
Allen Taylor  
Zheng Zhang Shaoyi Jiang


Student Faculty Advisor
Lindsey Kato René Overney
Kyoko Ishiguro Jim Seferis
Jim Sullivan Shaoyi Jiang


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