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Core Faculty

Name & Position Research Areas
Stuart B. Adler Stuart B. Adler

Associate Professor


Electrochemical Engr. and Kinetic, Transport, and Thermodynamic Properties of Solids
François Baneyx François Baneyx

Department Chair and Charles W.H. Matthaei Professor


Protein engineering, Nanobiotechnology, Molecular biomimetics
David A. C. Beck David A. C. Beck

Research Assistant Professor


Systems biology of microbial cultures and communities, biophysical chemistry software, methods, and applications
John C. Berg John C. Berg

Rehnberg Chair Professor


Colloidal materials, Adhesion phenomena, Gels in multi-phase media
James Carothers James M. Carothers

Assistant Professor


Fundamental and applied synthetic biology, RNA engineering, and genetic control system design
David G. Castner David G. Castner

Professor and Director, NESAC/BIO


Biomedical Surface Analysis, Surface Characterization & Modification, Biomaterials
Dr. Cole A. DeForest Cole A. DeForest

Assistant Professor

Phone: 206-543-5961

Biomaterials, 4D Stem Cell Biology, Protein Engineering, Bioorthogonal Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Polymer Networks

Hugh Hillhouse Hugh Hillhouse

Rehnberg Chair Professor


Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Conversion, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials, Colloidal & Interfacial Phenomena
Vincent Holmberg

Assistant Professor



(Joining in January 2015)
Bradley R. Holt Bradley R. Holt

Associate Professor & Associate Chair


Process Control and Optimization, Sensor Interpretation
Samson A. Jenekhe Samson A. Jenekhe

Boeing-Martin Professor


Organic solar cells, organic electronics, graphene materials, nanomaterials and nanodevices, polymer science
Anthony Kim

Lecturer, Full-Time


Teaches laboratory and lecture courses in Interfacial, Colloid and Polymer Science.
Shaoyi Jiang Shaoyi Jiang

Boeing-Roundhill Professor


Biomolecular interfaces, Biomaterials, Biosensors
Mary E. Lidstrom Mary E. Lidstrom

Jungers Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and Microbiology


Genomic and metabolic manipulation of bacteria, physiological heterogeneity of cells
R. Overney René Overney



Transport properties of nano-constrained systems, Scanning probe tools
Jim Pfaendtner Jim Pfaendtner

Assistant Professor


Alternative energy, biomaterials, molecular biophysics, multiscale modeling and simulations
Dr. Lilo D. Pozzo Lilo D. Pozzo

Associate Professor


Nanomaterials, biomaterials, colloids and polymers, rheology of self-assembled materials, neutron and x-ray scattering
Buddy Ratner Buddy Ratner

Darland Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering


Biointerfaces, Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomaterials, Healing
Dan Schwartz Daniel T. Schwartz

Boeing-Sutter Professor and Director, Clean Energy Institute


Electrochemical materials and interfaces, nano/microfabrication and energy technologies
Eric M. Stuve Eric M. Stuve



Electrocatalysis, Fuel Cells, Electochemical Surface Science
Venkat Subramanian

Associate Professor


Electrochemical and energy systems engineering, batteries and battery management system, model reformulation and model predictive control
Qiuming Yu Qiuming Yu

Research Associate Professor


Nanomaterials, functional nanostructures, nanocharacterization, optical and plasmonic biosensors




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